Why People Choose Regan Tax Law

Finding the best solution for a tax dispute requires a detailed and  hands-on understanding of the federal and state tax systems as well as an understanding of your legal rights as a taxpayer. Thirty-five years of working through these systems, in audits, appeals, litigation, and collections, allows me to see more solutions, give you more options, and help you see farther down the road to what can happen in the future.

Can I Help You?

When you call me, I listen. I need to understand what you are facing. With the information you give me, I can offer you some guidance on your options for resolving your tax dispute. The solution may or may not involve me representing you. With what you learn, you may be able to handle the matter on your own, you may want to consult with me on a limited basis to check your work and answer some questions, or, you may decide you want me to handle your matter and represent you through the negotiations, audit, appeal, or litigation necessary to favorably resolve your case.