Why People Choose Regan Tax Law

Regan Tax Law is one of Minnesota’s preeminent law firms dedicated to resolving tax controversies.

For more than 30 years, we have successfully represented individuals and businesses in audits, appeals, collection matters, and through litigation in U.S. Tax Court, Federal District Court U.S. Claims Court, the Minnesota Tax Court, and the Minnesota Supreme Court.

We have removed tax burdens to let our clients move on with their lives and build their futures. We have given our clients direct answers to their direct questions about their many options for dealing with the IRS and the Minnesota Department of Revenue. We solve problems.


Experience makes the difference.

Finding the best solution for a tax dispute requires a detailed, hands-on understanding of the federal and state tax systems as well as an understanding of your legal rights as a taxpayer. 30 years of working through these systems, including audits, appeals, litigation, and collections, allows us to see more solutions, give you more options, and help you see farther down the road to what can happen in the future. Our knowledge and experience also allows us to be more efficient and cost effective.