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Reinstating Defaulted IRS Installment Agreements

Defaulted Installment Agreements The IRS expects taxpayers to pay all of their tax liabilities in full, at the latest, at the time the liabilities are due. When this is not possible, the IRS may allow taxpayers to pay their liabilities during a period of time through...

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How Long Do I Need To Keep My Tax Records?

I am often asked how long do I have to maintain records to protect myself against actions by the Internal Revenue Service? Along with that question comes the question about whether the IRS has the burden of proving a taxpayer owes the tax (assuming it met its burden...

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Divorce Decree Drafting Part 4

This is the fourth article in a four part series addressing frequently asked questions relating to protection from joint and several liability in divorce. We are often asked about the language that a taxpayer’s attorney should include in the divorce decree to protect...

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